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I ordered a Husky cargo liner. Strange that Chevrolet did not offer one on the Nox, just a “Cargo Organizer”. I can’t stand a vehicle without a cargo liner, items slide around too much on the carpet. I was never much on the all weather floor mats, unless you have a work vehicle. But I don’t have kids yet, so my opinion may still change. ;D

More Photos:

It came rolled up in a tall box. The directions said to lay it out somewhere that is warm and place weights on the corners to help it uncurl. I had to lay it out on a bed inside as it’s getting cold outside, after about 3 hours all was fine. The material has a nice texture, should keep items from sliding around. The thickness is a little thinner than other cargo liners I’ve seen. (Honda/Acura OEM’s) It will still provide plenty of protection, but with it being thinner the back lip looks a little wavy/cheap (see photos). It might straighten out after a little time in the summer sun, but I’ll have to wait a while for that. Maybe if they put a curl/roll on the back lip it would give it some rigidity and make it look cleaner.

Over all I say it was a great purchase, and I would recommend it anyone.
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