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42,000km, one fuel pump down.

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Hey guys, just picked my 2010 Nox up from the dealership, after only 42,000km the fuel pump started to fail. I was starting to have a bad case of run on after stopping the engine and they traced it back to the fuel pump. Anybody else had something similar happen? I'm just wondering if this is a freak instance or not. Its a 2010 Nox LTX fwd 2.4L.

It started with a check engine light about 2 weeks ago, shop couldn't get it in until a few days ago. It was originally just a check engine light, onstar diagnostics reported a fuel system error. During that two weeks the check engine light came on and off a few times, service stabilitrak came on once, and closer to the end it started running a bit rough. When idling there was a rough vibration, and thats when the run-on started when I would kill the engine.

New fuel pump and mass air flow sensor. I have my doubts that running on a bad mass air flow sensor for two weeks would have killed the fuel pump, but is it possible?
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Here is a copy of the bulletin...has been known about for a year now.

#PIP4783: Engine Run-On Rough Running And SES Light With A P0172 DTC - (Mar 31, 2010)

Subject: Engine Run-On, Rough Running, and SES Light with a P0172 DTC

Models: 2010 Chevrolet Equinox

2010 GMC Terrain

with 2.4L Engine (RPO LAF)

The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the symptom(s) described in this PI.

Some customers may complain of rough running, engine run-on for a few seconds, and a SES light due with a P0172 DTC stored. In most cases, the crankcase will have obvious fuel contamination.

This may be a result of the high pressure fuel pump leaking fuel into the crankcase when the plunger is depressed.

If this concern is encountered, perform SI diagnosis and repair as necessary. If SI diagnosis does not isolate the cause of this concern, check the low side fuel pressure leakdown with a mechanical gauge as outlined in SI Fuel System Diagnosis. If fuel pressure leakdown is present with the J37287 Fuel Line Shut-off Adapter installed and closed, follow the SI Fuel Pump Replacement Procedure to replace the high pressure fuel pump. Also change the engine oil and filter to complete the repairs.

Here is a link to another thread you may find interesting reading...the thread gets interesting around page 8

Hope this helps
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I just had the same issue last week. Thanks to the forum I knew which direction the fault was going and advised the dealership about it, they probably had a good idea anyways. Fuel pump replaced and oil changed, 33,000 kms.
I think it is very common. Ours and the parents both failed within 2500 kms of each other, and the guy that does the loaner car set up told me that there were several Nox's brought in for the same problem.
Can I ask you how much it cost you? I'm still deciding if I should get extended warranty or not.
Sorry, no idea. Both were done under warrenty.
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