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Last month I purchased a brand new Terrain at4. Everything was great on the car until one night a few days ago I got in and the infotainment controls were black. I messed with the dimmer switch which I’ve kept on the lowest setting since getting the car and it slightly lights up different parts on different levels. With the brightness all the way up everything is slightly illuminated but significantly darker than the climate controls. For a month the infotainment controls and climate controls stayed the same brightness as each other regardless of the dimmer setting. I spent 2 and a half hours at the dealership today for them to basically throw their hands in the air saying “it’s not giving any codes it’s probably normal”
So I’m trying to figure out, was it a glitch that all the buttons stayed as bright as each other for a month or is it messed up now where the infotainment buttons are doing their own thing?
I’ve attached an image from in my driveway of what it looks like on the first 3 settings. On setting 4 the knobs slightly illuminate. Setting 5 the middle buttons light up slightly, 6 is a tad brighter and 7 is everything including the blue halos but it is extremely dim compared to the other lights and blue halos.
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