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2022 Tail Lights and Reverse Lights on a 2018+

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I have a 2018 Terrain Denali which I really enjoy and are always looking to make my own. I was out driving around yesterday and saw, what must have been a 2022 lower trim terrain and the rear lights, specifically the tailgate piece with the LED backup lamps built in. Looks like that was one of the small midcycle refreshes on the 2022. Anyone have any clue if they fit/ or are compatible with the earlier 2018+ models? Unlike the new headlights (which im not a huge fan of) the taillights look **** near the exact same shape as mine so physically, I think they should fit. Not sure about functionality given I would be going from an incandescent to an LED

Here is the new style:

Old style:
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Let us know if you attempt this swap. I have an 18' Denali as well and would like to do this update also.
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