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Hi all! My first post in a long time.
My 2013 Equinox now has 180,000 miles. Running fine, as long as I keep adding oil. But the windshield wipers finally gave out (there's a recall on those that I never had done. Going to see if I can still do it to get them fixed before selling.)

Anyway... as of last week, I'm now the excited owner of a 2020 GMC Terrain SLT, with the black-out package. Looks sharp.
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One thing I noticed right away-- the gas cap is missing.
I know I can get a cheap, generic one at NAPA or AutoZone. And maybe I still will. But I'd kinda like to start off with the OEM cap
I searched several GM parts sites-- gmpartsdirect, and others-- I can find the fuel filler tube, and even the plastic fuel filling housing (the compartment behind the fuel filling door), and I found the fuel fill door itself. But no luck funding the actual fuel fill cap on any diagram I tried.
Does anyone know the part number, or can point me to a better site to search?
I used a 2" Rubber Plumbing Cap to keep dirt and water out. Fits snug enough - clamp not required.


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