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Ok all you helpful people so I have scoured the internets and have not seen anything about adding a heated steering wheel to the 'nox. I was able to add one to my 2018 Silverado and there are many videos out there for other GM models but not for the Equinox. Is it as simple as buying a steering wheel with the heat option, a clock spring and plugging it all in; is there a connector under the dash already to plug into? Has anyone done the mod yet? Please help!! Thanks
I know this threat is pretty dead, but since OP never got an answer on if this will work for a 2020, and I'm ordering the parts to do it to my wife's 2020 I'll throw out what I've found.

BCM doesn't control the Steering Wheel Heating Module, it's in the steering wheel and is using a switch to ground to energize the circuit.

From the fuse block under the hood, fuse F50 10A, a Purple/Black wire comes out of pin 3 in the X1 connector → X101 Body Harness to Forward lamp harness connector pin 12 (behind front bumper cover below passenger headlight) → X202 Instrument Panel Harness to Body Harness pin 66 (passenger side kick panel) → X85 Steering wheel air bag coil X1 connector pin 21 (on the steering column) → X85 Steering wheel air bag coil X2 connector pin 9 (on the steering wheel) this wire could be Purple/Black or change to Orange at this point, manual shows both for some reason? → K32 Steering Wheel Heating Control Module pin 3.

I'm going to order a heated wheel and when it comes I'll dissemble and see if this wire exists in the harness, if not I'll just run my own and pin out the connectors.

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