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Hello All,

I have just purchased a new 2018 SLE Terrain. I am very happy with it so far. It is a huge upgrade over my 2015 Cruze. But not everything is perfect. Particularly receiving text messages through Bluetooth /android auto. I have the 7" intelilink display and I am quite confident that I cannot receive text messages through Bluetooth. My phone is connected and I can stream music over the Bluetooth no problem. My Dad just purchased the 2018 Terrain Denali. he has an app store on his 8" display (which mine does not) and through that we downloaded a messaging app. He can now send and receive text messages normally. My Cruze did this no problem. So I am fairly sure that the 7" touch screen cannot receive and read out text messages. The dealership has been unhelpful...they told me to turn on notifications on my phone...they are. If there are other users on here who have a similar setup, please help me to confirm this.

Ok so what if I try android auto... no dice. I get a pop up that I have received a new message, I will then touch the screen, and 4 dots will bounce around indefinitely until I touch the screen again. I don't have an iphone or access to one, everything else appears to work as intended.

If anybody has similar issues please let me know, I would like to get this sorted out...if possible.

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