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2018 Equinox Windshield Crack

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After 5 years plus and 135K miles of ownership, my windshield developed a crack from the corner to 1/3 of the way to the middle. I had just come out of a restaurant and noticed the crack. There was no impact mark. Just the crack starting at the corner. We have been having strange weather extremes at the time from 40s at night to 80s
during the day. My insurance (the one with the salamander..I know its not) and the company they've contracted with Safelite will charge about $560..$500 deductible and a
reprogramming fee for the front collision system. I believe this generation 'Nox has a double laminated windshield to help reduce wind noise so its not cheap. My thing is
how the windshield would crack like that without a rock being thrown or impact crater anywhere. Just wondering if any other 'Nox owners of this generation have experienced a similar incident. I was considering getting one from the junkyard and then have it reprogrammed to save $. Maybe its not worth it.
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@JosephEquinoxMD : I think I’ve had windshields crack over the years without ever remembering a rock hitting them. Or maybe I did hear a noise, but then didn’t see a crack form until much later?

Years ago, I remember a co-worker needing a new windshield on his Lincoln MkVIII and the Dealer here telling him the windshield had never been installed properly from the Factory to begin with!

I didn’t believe that one, but this person dumped the Lincoln (after multiple other problems), switched to Toyota (Avalons), and never bought a UAW-built vehicle again! LOL!

Reprogramming is needed for your Windshield due to the Front Collision System?? That’s a new one for me …🤔
[QUOTE="Colt Hero,

Reprogramming is needed for your Windshield due to the Front Collision System?? That’s a new one for me …🤔

That is strange indeed. :unsure:
Safelite has a commercial where they replace your windshield and reset your system.

Iv'e had a windshield crack start from a small ding when I had the defroster on high heat and
and it was cold out. I actually watched it happen while I was driving.
System is camera mounted behind the inside rearview mirror if you have one of the auto braking or lane assist systems. It may need realignment if windshield is replaced.
Today's windshields are held in place with Urethane which is rigid unlike the old days when they used flexible butyl rubber. The windshield is also part of the vehicle structure nowadays adding rigidity to the roof and A pillars.
Let a windshield Co. change it and align it so if you have leaking issues or camera issues it's warrantied.
Because the glass is so rigidly held in place cracking from thermal expansion can crack it. I've got $100 deductible coverage for this reason.
One day I came home, and my Dodge truck side window broke no impact mark anywhere.
In NM it is not uncommon to have the rear window just blow sometimes when parked (we can have change of 40F or more in 24 hours sometimes) ...just because of heat pressure (especially when the car was closed in the cold of the night)
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