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2018 Equinox - Automatic rear hatch close button

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My 2018 Equinox 1.5T LT has the power close option/button on the inside of the rear hatch. The button never worked so I took the interior trim off and just saw 4 wires dangling, not connected to the button. I'm thinking the previous owner removed the interior trim hastily once before and pulled the wires right out of the socket.

It looks like there would be a male plug that would connect to this button on the inside, where the 4 wires would also be permanently connected to, but it's missing. Can anyone confirm that is what I need and possibly take a picture of exactly what plugs into this close switch? Part number of the switch is 25909283. Thanks in advance!


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In the absence of a wiring diagram I'd assume an auto electrician can fix them wires back to the plug and make the button work again for you. Or there will be lots of trial and error and trying to refix cables to a plug they've been torn from is challenging.
Yeah, I just need to see the lead that clips into the back of this switch. Anyone?
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