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What year is yours? As I mentioned in the posts, all the recent year radios didn't seem to be affected by the write-protect pin.

Do you get a successful read of the chip? Post a screenshot of the read data, maybe we can see if there is anything set differently.

I'd also re-check the programming cable, both the part the clips onto the eeprom, and the small header board that plugs into the programmer socket.

There was some information over on the thread on the Cruze forums related to the write protect, but none of us terrain/equinox owners had to mess with it, so it seems unlikely thats the issue.

Here is the applicable part of the write protect stuff just in case:

Pin 7 on the chip is a "write protect" line. If pin 7 is held high, the chip cannot be programmed. Some versions of the radio have it wired so that the write protect is connected to the Vcc (power) to the chip thru a pull-up resistor network. It is a tiny surface mount component with 4 leads. In cases where the write-protect blocks programming, removing that resistor network allows the chip to programmed. Alternatively, people have successfully turned off the write-protect line by desoldering and lifting pin 7 off the circuit board.

If you are not an expert at soldering, I'd definitely suggest practicing on the old radio first. Modern surface mount components are a pain to work with. And you need a precise soldering iron to avoid burning the tiny surface mount traces/pads.

Again, my guess is it's not the write protect stuff unless maybe you are dealing with an older radio (I think 2011-2013).
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