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Thursday 6/4/20 my Equinox threw code P0172.
started with the cheapest remedy and worked up. I have cleaned the mass air flow sensor and that did not remedy the issue. cleaned the throttle body and that didnt remedy the issue either. At this point it started dieseling. Ran a can of Seafoam through the gas tank in hopes that would clear it up and it did not. from here I spent an entire day searching on these forums for the issue. Checked the oil and there was fuel present, and per the forums suggestions I replaced the High Pressure Fuel Pump, changed the oil and filter as well.
I also replaced the air filter for good measure. I am still having a mild diesel happening when turning the vehicle off. the first 2 cycles of on and off with the key it did not diesel but now it is mildly. I am noticing that it takes a bit of cranking to finally start now. theres a few things im wondering about. 1. do I need to change the oil a few time to be sure that all the oil fuel mix is out? if so, duration after first oil change to replace and how many times is this needed? 2. wondering if this is indicating that I have a leaky injector?

Side Information. I am meticulous with maintenance on this vehicle as its my one and only. Oil Changes every 3,000 miles. Any maintenance thats needed I complete right away and dont let the issue sit. My Equinox has 119,000 miles on it. I noticed this happening after I got fuel from Woodmans, but have since replaced with better fuel and still having the issue.

Any advice is appreciated as I'm ready to pull my hair out trying to figure this out.
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