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Our 2014 GMC Terrain has recently started losing acceleration at random speeds. It happens on neighborhood streets, highway, wherever. Typically after coming out of a stop, but not always. The car will start to drag a little and flooring the gas pedal will sometimes get the RPMs to jump and rev the car a little, sometimes it just flat out decreases MPH until you have to pull over and shut it off for a minute then bring it back on. There are times when flooring it will bring enough juice back to it to get the MPH increasing again and you go about your day.

I've noticed this is typically worse in the mornings on my drive to work and typically acts up less or never on my way home. Or even after you get it going and the engine is likely warmed it runs fine. (Usually)

There are no lights coming on the dashboard and the steering does not lose power. We had a similar issue with a separate car that was being fooled into activating the "slip" mode and losing power but that does not seem to be the case here.

We are under warranty with the dealer and they claim they cannot find anything wrong. But part of me thinks they just don't want to have to do the labor and honor the warranty. I might take it to a local guy we use to see if he can at least pinpoint anything that we can report back to the dealer.

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