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Hey guys - so I have been having an issue or two with my equinox

First off I started getting the occasional "Service All Wheel Drive System" message and occasionally that the AWD was turned off - this was pretty intermittent - Took it in and they couldn't find anything - it doesn't trigger Engine Light or errors - but when it kicks in it beeps and flashes on the console. I have an engine reader and it never shows up

Now I'm also occasionally losing the blower fan - just nothing - then you hit a bump and woosh - hot air

I'm thinking maybe the two are related - (I googled the AWD message and it states it might be issues with electrical passing between the computers)

Is there one or two spots I can check or wiggle to see if I can replicate the issue so when I take it in I can show them? Otherwise I have to hope I get lucky -- I'm not very good at auto repair - I got the book and I replaced my own fan actuator this year, but otherwise I can't test resistance or anything and we just had our first snowfall, so AWD and heat are a priority :)

I'll google some more but ach - bummer

what triggered the new urgency is that the wife thinks a part (long metal) came off the undercarriage and then the stuff all came on again - if so, that'd be fortuitous because then we can FIND something - I"m thinking maybe something got run over, made noise, and flew out from under the car and that bump was enough to jolt things again - FEELS like a short somewhere but I'm just not gonna be finding it by myself unless I get lucky in one or two spots

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