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I rented a 2012 Cruze on a recent business trip and was pleased to find out that GM finally took advantage of the real estate that the huge DIC takes up. I really like the screen that shows current speed, distance to empty and instant MPG. The voltage and coolant were nice too. Did the Thetas get a similar update?

BTW, The Cruze very much impressed me. If I was in the market for a compact, I would give it a good look.


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The DIC on my 2012 Nox doesn't have a voltage or coolant temp readout. Each option below has its own screen...none are combined like in your photo.
It does have...
Trip/Fuel Info
Trip A
Trip B
Fuel Range
Average Speed
Average MPG
Instantaneous MPG
Navigation - OnStar turn by turn (this also shows on the radio color touch screen)
Blank screen - for future functionality??
Vehicle Info
Units (US or metric)
Oil Life Monitor
Blank screen

I did seriously consider the Cruze. But I just love the look and room in the Equinox. Coming from a Pontiac Vibe...I just wasn't ready to give up the cargo room and flexibility.
I love my Nox!!
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