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Well.. I mentioned we were going to pick one up in several threads. We brought it home Saturday.

2012 Terrain
engine heater
window tint
mud flaps

Built in August, been at the dealer a couple of months. Had 64miles on it. We had to wait after we signed the papers to get the mudflaps installed and the TPMS recall done. The reason given for it being on the lot so long, It seems folks would drive the 4 cyl and v6, take the v6 home... We really like it and it handles well in the snow and ice (at least so far). We usually pick up some deep groove floor mats for winter at Costco, which we did on Sunday, but like someone mentioned about weathertech, the new ones are not very nice. We will be taking them back and looking for some good mats. The GM accessories ones look promising but they are over priced.

We love it so far... the computer shows 28.2mpg coming home, with some city driving, it shows 26.4 overall average now.. We'll get a few tanks through it and see how it does.

edit: husky weatherbeater floormats on order..
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