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2011 Terrain Sle electrical problems?

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My radio display went out a few months back along with the radio controls. I can’t change the volume or change the station but the radio still plays and I can plug my phone in and use aux just no adjustments. Today there is completely no sound for anything, radio, no turn signals or seatbelt warning etc.
My Backup Camera also went out a few months back & before it would go out if the trunk was slammed to hard but always come back on and now it’s just all static. I’m not sure if these are related but I haven’t been able to find anything that helps online.
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@Courtwatson99 : regarding the failed Radio, have you read through this thread?

I read through it, I’m not sure if it’s similar because my radio glitches like it wants to turn on and the sound still worked until this morning when all the sound of everything went out for no reason at all, I don’t know anything about vehicles so I figured my best option was to come here. Idk if fuses have anything to do with it or some wires have went bad. But this has all happened in the last month or 2 one after another
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