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wrusprod said:
Do some research on this forum and you will find lots,,lots...lots of info on theses topics...They are looking in the right area...They just need to pull some info from GM...(recalls, Tech Service Bulletins)..

I have had the rattling noise since Feb/March of this year..I still have it..after 5 service repairs..and thats just me..there are others. GM is aware of this issue, and our working on a solution...just not fast enough for me..

The MPG...well Im getting about 19 MPG on my AWD I-4...on average.

( I dont know if the moderators want to run another " 2011 Terrain Issues" thread ...regarding these issues.Lots of threads already currently active on the topics. maybe close this one..JMO)

No need to have multiple threads on the same topic.
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