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2011 Equinox VS. 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Hey Guys, I wanted to know if anyone considered this match up? It was tough for me...I've been a long time Chrysler/Dodge person and was determined to get the new Jeep Grand Cherokee, but I saw the nox and priced it out and could not justify purchasing the new jeep.

I was looking at middle of the road Cherokees (the basics with leather) This kept putting me with the "X-Package" offered by Jeep. Pricing out the door with employee pricing was over $39,000!!!! 72 Month financing put me at about $620 / Month to buy! CRAZY!!!!!! I'd expect to pay that for a Yukon!
I love the styling of the new jeep, as well as it size and dependability, but that price is just ridiculous for what you get. Plus the styling of the new jeep is not leaps and bounds from the previous version, but the nox is!

I then looked at an SLT2 Nox w/everything but navigation and the rear entertainment system. $30,000 out the door, supplier pricing, $471.00 / Month!

I now know why they can't keep these things on the lot....with a comparable vehicle almost $10,000 more, Chevy has got a good thing going with the Nox. Ordered my 2011 and have a target production week of 09/06. What do you guys think? Anyone consider the new Jeep?
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I don't think these two vehicles are comparable. Apples to oranges IMHO.

I drove Jeep vehicles for eight years (over half of my driving 'career') and would have loved to buy a JGC. But I probably wouldn't even be able to buy one with leather for the price I paid for my Terrain SLT-2!

Be glad you're an American and can even buy a fully loaded Equinox (assuming you meant LTZ) for 30,000. You'd be hard pressed to get a base model for that here in Canada. Loaded Equinoxes are in the mid-40s here and that's before we add 13% sales tax :eek: :eek:
Yea, it is a little apples to oranges......I guess they consider the Jeep a Mid-size SUV and Nox a Compact SUV. But how can they look at you with a straight face and charge $38,000 for the base model with Leather and a couple other minor things? Once you put this vehicle above 40,000 Id start looking at Yukons and least for that kind of money your getting a substantial vehicle.
If you need an off-road vehicle with a proven 4x4 system and a decent tow rating (I believe - haven't checked the ratings) then Jeep's your choice.

If you want a tall wagon with an on-road AWD system, the Thetas would be a better choice.

What's not to understand about that? Two different vehicles suit different needs. And the prices reflect that.

Or do you believe all these vehicles should be the same price?? ???
We drove several different types of SUV/CUV...and also compared versus reviews over the internet. With all this research..I think we covered most of the competition and beyond. Some are more SUV..while others certainly are true crossovers. We did like the Jeep Cherokee for what it is. I would definately put it in the SUV column....and perhaps leaning more to the off road type..with some added luxury features...while the Enclave/Acadia seem on the other end of the spectrum of luxury on road SUV. We also drove several of Ford's offerings.
I think that it comes down to what you are wanting the vehicle for...and what you are willing to give up for something else.
Although we have a 2011 LTZ built and in bay in Chicago..awating delivery to Indiana..we decided to test drive a Caddy SRX yesterday. There were some things about it we liked...but many others..not so much. Of course we have been comparing everything to the Equinox.....which for us..offers a well balanced package for our needs. Plenty of style..nice features...roomy seating without feeling cramped..and the price seems very right for what you get.
We don't plan to be fording creeks out in the wild...hauling a team of top execs to a board meeting...or swayed by stylish slick finned ruby red taillights framing a wreath of class.
It became clear to us that the Equinox is quite capable to do the average every day things for the normal family and 'loaded up' with options is quite extraordinary for the price. If the more extreme styling of the Terrain is preferred...that as well.
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Even though they're both small/mid-size suv's...I'm with the other guys that don't think they're direct competitors. Besides the higher price, the Grand Cherokee is a slightly larger vehicle and has a 4 wheel drive system that would actually be good for a little true off-roading, and a large engine suitable for towing a decent size travel trailer. The Nox/Terrain are basically urban/suburban people haulers with good all weather capability, (in 2WD as well as AWD) very good or decent gas mileage depending on engine choice....and a little towing capability also depending on engine choice. Unless you regularly go off road, I'd say you made the right choice going with the Nox and saving nearly $10k.
Good points NoobNox!
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