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2010 Terrain..Droid X and a Phonebook Transfer

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I have not been around here for quite sum time but have a question about my Droid X transferring the phonebook to my 2010 Terrain...I saw it done with an Ipod in a 2011 terrain..Is this feature new in the 2010...If it can be done would appreciate someone posting how you can do it..I know all about storing numbers and tags but would like the phonebook transfered if its possible..Thanks
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I don't think the phonebook transfer feature is available in the 2010 Equinox/Terrain. I couldn't get it to work with my BlackBerry which I know is capable of supporting this feature. When I try, I get a "Push Server Not Available" error on the BlackBerry.
Well maybe hopefully there might be a firmware update for us people who bought 2010 Terrains or Equinox"s...The persons Nav system is exactly like mine..I thought it was a phone thing...Thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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