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What tools I used:
1. Drill
2. 22mm hole saw
3. Blue painters tape
4. Fish tape
5. Arctic white touch up paint pen
6. Screwdriver
7. Beer

SO I forgot to take pictures from the very beginning, but I will fill you in. 1st I bought the DIRECTED ELECTRONICS 9401T kit online. It is more expensive than the ebay ones, but I wanted a flush sensor and sound only. Plus the warranty and confidence behind the brand meant something as I am going to rely on this thing to save my bumper and possibly my sanity should my wife hit anything.
The sensors were black so I hit them with 3 coats of Duplicolor Chevy White and 3 coats of Duplicolor clear coat.

(this is what I failed to take pictures of)
I taped the back of the bumper with the blue painters tape so I can mark the holes. The bumper tire to tire was 6ft. SO I marked the middle 3ft and measured out 9 inches, until I cut the bumper into 1/8 sections. I then marked , from the tire in, the first 1/8 or 9 inch mark as a drill mark, then measured the int 3/8 mark or 27" form the tire and marked that for drill, then did the same from the passenger tire. Then I drilled. TO keep it level I measured 24 inched from the ground on the center hole, then used a level to center the outer hole. I used the touch up paint to clean up the edges as some paint flaked off.

I then used the fishing line to pull the cables from the drivers side. I did this because Chevy has an easy access grommet there! DO NOT CUT ANYTHING!!! it is wrapped with electrical tape. just unwrap and stretch out the grommet to push your cables through. I push a screwdriver in from above and used that for leverage.

The grommet can be accessed if you remove the rear deck and look under the plastic sides

Or if you are long armed like me you can get to it from above if you remove the little basket up top. (you will need to do this anyway) It just pops out.

Then a little cleanup. I also wrapped the grommet with tape again and the wires

Wiring is pretty easy, there is a small batch of cabled that split off and go into the wall, those are for the lights.

Tap into the light green cable for 12 volt on reverse and the bottom grounds for, well, ground

The kit came with double sided Velcro to mount the box. I also used zip ties to clean up the access wires

I fed the speaker wire under the plastic siding on the drivers side. No need to pull anything up as the wire was thin and I had enough gaps to just tuck it under. I mounted the speaker under the drivers side seat. WARNING!!! The speaker has a switch on it for OFF-LOW-HIGH. Make sure to turn the f-ing speaker on....took me a while to figure out what was going on....... before you test.

After that close up shop and test

There is a little screw on the unit to adjust the sensitivity of the sensors. I had to move mine 90 degrees cause the sensors always thought something was behind it. Now it works like a champ. Happy installing. Hope that helps.

All in all I am out
$70 - sensors
$12- paint

took roughly 4 hours, but that is because I didn't know what I was doing. you should be able to knock this out in an hour now.

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Nice write-up and good work. Looks awesome - and cheap, too.

Oh, you didn't comment on the quantity and brand of beer to buy - and when to "apply".
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