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Hey all. I tried searching for this combo of codes and didn't see any, but if i missed a thread like this that already exists I apologise and please point me to that thread.

First a little back story. OCt 19 I replaced the timing chains, guides, tensioners and phasers on my 10 Equinox with the 3.0L V6. Started up and ran just fine. About a month later I started having an issue with low oil pressure at idle after the car was warmed up and driven. It was only at idle and if I increased the idle slightly the light/message would go away. I changed the oil pressure switch and it didn't help the issue. So fast forward to last week and I decided to go ahead and change the oil pump (no, I didn't check the actual oil pressure with a mechanical gauge, tho in hindsight it may have saved me this headache and I probably should have). So I tore everything back down and replaced the pump, re-timed everything and put it all back together. Start it up and it starts throwing the P0019, P228D and P0089 codes.
DTC P0019
- Crankshaft Position - Exhaust Camshaft Position Not Plausible Bank 2
- Fuel Pressure Regulator 1 Control Performance - High Pressure
DTC P0089
- Fuel Pressure Regulator Performance

In addition my "Service Stabilitrack" and "Engine Power Reduced" messages show up as well and the engine is running rough. I shut it off and could only think that it wasn't timed properly. So I tear it down again and the left bank cams were off by a tooth (not sure which way). So I tear the chains off and re-time it again. I verified the timing multiple times and rotated the engine over several times by hand to make sure nothing skipped. I put it all back together, start it up, and I get the exact same codes again! So I bounce some ideas off a buddy of mine and he suggests it may be the cam position sensor and/or oil control valve for bank 2 that are bad. I replace those with new ones with no success.

I'm kinda at a loss here and am trying to avoid taking it to the dealer if possible, but I don't have the tools to properly diagnose this and it may be just beyond me at this point.

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated!

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