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I know of some changes that took effect from 2010-2011. different accessories standard in lower trim levels, no more backup assist light, Mocha color no longer available on the bottom trim models ect..

I just put on order an LTZ AWD V6 and found out that the roof cross rails are now standard on the LTZ's, which used to be a $190 $CDN option.

Anyone know of additional changes or features added or now included?

One other thing, usually they change the wheels every model year. Do the 2011's have the exact same wheels...I'm looking forward to those 19" upgraded wheels as shown in the 2010 brochure. Can anyone confirm if they are still the same or changed?

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There are threads that discuss various changes... try a search.

E85 for the V6
Two colour changes
Backup LED pod gone for the LTZs
Heated cloth seats available on the LT2 now (?)

Memory is failing me on the rest... perhaps also 1 less power port (the one inside the console) and only express down on the front windows instead of all four...

Wheel options stay the same BTW.
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