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200k on 2.4L engine

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well everyone I finally did it. 200k on a 2013 Chevy equinox 2.4l ecotec
Engine rebuilt at 117k by dealer, original tranny with only 2 fluid changes.
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@Churt47 : Ahhh! It’s one of the “early” 2013 Builds (pre-May 2013) with the defective Piston Rings!

Was it “just” consuming Oil, or did it progress further than that?
1989 Mitsubishi Mirage/Colt, 1.5L MPI Engine … nearly 250,000 miles! Was a 4-speed, and at 160,000 it started popping out of gear. Held it with my hand as long as I could, but eventually had to throw in a junkyard 5-speed (and a new Clutch) for $700 total cost … to drive it another almost 90,000 miles!

This vehicle was also sold with a Turbo back then. Had I bought the model with the Turbo, it likely would’ve needed replacement, but I think it still would’ve gone the same total miles.

And BTW … when I switched away from this vehicle (in 2002, when I bought my Impala new), it wasn’t due to “major mechanical” failure … it was a “hard start” condition … plus a boatload of unrelated Codes … so a bad ECM and a Fuel Pump
Didn’t the Hyundai, Colt, and Mirage all share the same engine back then? I also lost my 4 spd tranny in the Hyundai. Tranny was $200 from junkyard, clutch was $100…. Hyundai was a disposable car back then..
Well, the Mirage (Mitsubishi), Colt (Dodge and Plymouth), and Summit (sold under the Eagle brand name) were all the same vehicle.

And I don't remember a shared Engine, but I'm pretty sure there was a Transmission connection. I want to say Mitsubishi supplied the Transmission for the Hyundai Excel because I seem to remember thinking ... "who is this no-name car manufacturer 'Hyundai' ... undercutting everybody on the low-end, selling Excels for $4500 ... they won't last .... the car looks really cheap ... WAIT! Mitsubishi's involved (??) ... well ... then maybe they'll survive?"
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