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200k on 2.4L engine

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well everyone I finally did it. 200k on a 2013 Chevy equinox 2.4l ecotec
Engine rebuilt at 117k by dealer, original tranny with only 2 fluid changes.
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Congrats! Did GM cover the rebuild cost?
…there’s just no reason a modern engine shouldn’t make it to at least 250K without a rebuild! Glad GM covered it!
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My ‘91 Hyundai Excel I bought new in college made it to 110K miles before rod knock. I know they’re highly rated these days, but I will NEVER buy a Hyundai/Kia thanks to that experience…
Didn’t the Hyundai, Colt, and Mirage all share the same engine back then? I also lost my 4 spd tranny in the Hyundai. Tranny was $200 from junkyard, clutch was $100…. Hyundai was a disposable car back then..
Mitsubishi motor in Colt, etc and Hyundai Excel Motor. Look identical except Hyundai has black valve cover and red writing…


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