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2008 transmission rebuild

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My 2008 Equinox transmission blew at 47K, no warning, no slippage prior to that. Question: Chevy rebuilt it, so do I now have the same poor transmission design (trannys should not blow out at 47K) or did the rebuild fix the issue? If the rebuild doesn't fix the original design problem, that's a problem.....does anyone know? :-\
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I don't know if anyone can really answer this question, but a tranny rebuild doesn't change the "design" in any way, but rather just means replacing the parts that caused the failure and any others that were affected by those parts. No, a transmission shouldn't fail at 47k, but it happens occasionally on even the best designs..or even trannies built to be "heavy duty". In my experience both personally and by association, tranny rebuilds can be hit or miss. It may be fine and last the life of the car, and then again introducing new parts combined with those that are older and have wear could cause additional problems down the line...only time will give you your answer.
For a transmission to fail without warning at only 47K would indicate a flaw in the transmission or operation beyond it's design, but I would lean toward a manufacturing flaw.

With that said, a rebuilt one should provide you with the service it was intended to and GM in general is not known for having bad transmissions.

The fact that it's a GM authorized rebuilt is a good thing since my experience with them has been good. I'm pretty sure they don't want it to fail prematurely again.

I had a 4L60E replaced in my '92 Sierra after it was tired of pulling the previous owner's 5th wheel from Canada to Texas every year. The 4L60E is not designed to be a workhorse transmission like the 4L80E in the HD's. When I compared aftermarket replacement to the GM one, it was competitively priced, the labour to install was reasonable and it came with a three year 60,000 km warranty. It is still going strong since I sold it and had towed our 28ft TT around each summer for over 3 years.
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