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Weird thing going on...Rather new issue...I have noticed that my AWD 2005 Equinox is starting out sluggish and hesitating. This used to happen a bit when I didnt let the engine warm up very much but now its back all the time. The check engine light is now on and is blinking sometimes.

I am going to get a code checker from autozone later today to see what the deal is.

I haven't had the plugs or wires changed on this vehicle and it is now approaching 110,000 miles. Is it possible the hesitation is from bad plugs or a dying ignition coil?? I had a similar problem with my lawn mower, it wouldn't get into high idle, 2 ignition coils. One was bad, as soon as I changed it everything was fine.

Also, can someone tell me where the appropriate port is to plug the tester in? I don't want to drive the Eq. to autozone to have them test it.

I appreciate any and all suggestions.
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