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2 Small Issues

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I have 2 small issues that I would like to know if it is common. I have a 2010 Terrain AWD I4. #1 I hear an engine noise resonance as it is revving up at 2100 rpms and at 3100 rpm especially with the air conditioning on. It isn't drastic but it is definately noticeable. #2 While driving crossway over a driveway approach for example, (trying to twist the car), I hear what sounds like the hatch creeking. This is quite loud. Are these things normal or should I have them checked out? Thanks for you input.
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Atleast I've resolved the hatch noise issue. I cleaned all the contact areas between the door and the body and put a small amount of grease on the latch hook faced that contacts the round latch on the body. No more noise. I'll check with the dealer on the resonance issue.
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