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2 first gen equinox questions

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I remember reading once about a water leak that makes the spare tire compartment wet. I searched and searched and couldnt pull it up. If someone could link it or tell me what to check that would be great. Also I have an 05 and was wondering if I could put the 06 or 07 radio with the aux jack straight into mine. I aslo have xm and was hoping to keep that as well.
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o yea its also got the pioneer sound system
im getting ready to start playing with the stereo, and controls as one knows much about these, as its not like a SCC with honda, mazda, nissan wirtten on it, where theres lots of people upgrading and customizing.....

chevys a PITA since most of the theft deterrent system is inside the stereo....your nox may fire up after the switch, it may not, and need to be reprogrammed by the dealer....but it will fit....

also the XM tuner is separate from the least on early models it is...

as far as the pioneer setup goes, i cant find any info on the difference in headunits....i know theres the rear sub with an amplifier, but that will be tied in elsewhere, as the harness for it, is only 6 inches long or so.....

TSB #08-08-57-001B is a general water leak bulletin its about lack of body filler, youd need to check under the rear bumper for proper welds, and not holes in the body......i assume you got some water in there?
so Iam hoping this will work?

about the water - I went to check it out the other day and found the mat in there was damp. It wasnt full to the top like I read about others. I walked away for a minute and forgot about it. I will need to go back and take a closer look.
funny i was lookin at that one worries one can say for sure unless they actually did the i hate to tell people, but youd have to be the guiney would be nice if they showed the plugs on the back of it.....
Hmm, I asked for pics of the back of it. I explained to the seller that I was trying to swap them. He said they could not be swapped and did not share any pics of the back of it. I did see the other post with the link to the site that made the aux input connector for the gm's. They look nice and I like how they work with the factory controls and wiring but for 165$ I thought there may be a slightly cheaper way to do this. It would be friggin sweet if that dvd unit would plug in. Iam going to see about starting a sticky radio swap guide since I see alot of the same type of questions.
I myself own a 2006 NOX. I just cannot beleive in 4 years that have not come up with some type of adapter to add a aux port to the stock radio. I have tried alot of those FM Transmitters and they only work in certain areas and with all the HD stations popping up there is no free air space left.
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