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Hello Terrain Friends,

My wife and I bought a brand new 2018 GMC Terrain SLT with 6mi on the odometer. We have had the following issues with the vehicle...

  • OnStar Module "Inactive" whenever the tactile OnStar button was pressed --Fixed. (4 weeks later, req. a call to GM Corporate but Onstar finally fixed it.)
  • Driver-side rear passenger window moulding was unclipped, fell behind window. --Fixed at the dealer under warranty.
  • Driver-side window molding was scratched-up. --Fixed at dealer under warranty.
  • Rear passenger side quarter panel popped out from body of vehicle. --Fixed at dealer under warranty.
  • Passenger side door handle bracket (next to pull-out handle) came loose. --Fixed at dealer under warranty.
  • Tapping noise coming from passenger side of vehicle (door?) --Ongoing issue... 2 trips to the dealer, going on my 3rd this week..

The dealership has been relatively good at getting issues fixed/resolved; however, each repair usually requires a return trip; one for the inspection and part order, the second (once a third) to install the part.

The ongoing issue right now is a "morse code" type of noise coming from the passenger side of the vehicle. I have taken it to the dealer twice now and on the last trip (#2), I went on a ride with the mechanic. The mechanic said it may be the weather stripping so he applied some sort of grease to the weather stripping to quiet the noise.

The issue usually happens when the vehicle has been outside in the sun on a warm day. Once I drive the vehicle and reach around 25+ mph, the "morse code" starts and it's startlingly loud.

I have uploaded a short clip demonstrating the problem. URL:

The noise comes from the passenger door and/or the center pillar. We have tried rolling the window up/down, open/close door, touching/pressing spots along the molding, and have found nothing to any effect. The only modification to that side of the car was a warranty repair on the passenger door handle.

My question is has anyone else had this issue, and if so, how did you get it resolved?

Last week, I contacted GM Corporate regarding the ongoing repair issues we have had--thankfully, nothing mechanical but with one exception all are cosmetic. To their credit, so far GM has been very responsive to issues with the vehicle, and is going to touch-base with the dealership when I bring it in this week.

Despite all these issues, we love the vehicle, and the gas mileage we are getting. It runs well, and has plenty of power for the freeways here in Los Angeles. I would appreciate any suggestions, advice, or input anyone can provide.

PS: Three (3) other [relatively minor] issues I've seen...
1. CarPlay can sometimes glitch, stop working, and will go black.
2. Reverse camera trajectory ladder will disappear if I decide to put the car in reverse too soon after I start the car. If I wait a minute or two after the car starts, the ladder will work fine; otherwise, the camera will stutter and the ladder will disappear.
3. Occasional "pop" noise from the speakers when using iPhone via USB on stereo with CarPlay. --Doesn't do it with my wife's iPhone 6 Plus but occasionally with my iPhone 7 Plus. Both are on iOS 12.0.1.

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I am having the same issue with the clicking noise. I have a 2020.
Somewhere here there's a thread about this noise with a solution: I think it's actually a TSB that says something about removing the molding/trim up near the headliner on the passenger side, and adding some kind of shim plate to stop two adjacent pieces of metal from vibrating against one another? It was posted this year, IIRC, but I can't seem to find it right now. Maybe someone else can find it? It should be in the Recalls/TSB section, but I didn't see it there, either, and my "advanced searching" is just bringing up laundry lists that I don't have the patience to go through ...

Just found it!

Came from this thread:

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