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'11 'Nox passed my first real test

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So my wife decided that she wanted to go up to the mountains yesterday. We got up the mountain, but before we reached the snow area there was a "Road closed" sign. Apparently the storms last week washed out the roads. We decided to go around the sign and test the FWD equinox.

After we went around the sign we saw a few other vehicles follow: CRV, Volvo SUV and Mercedes SUV and a mustang. we went through an area where the road was washed out and all vehicles cleared fine. We then got to a washed out road where a shallow but swift creek was running through it. I pulled over to see how the others did before I went. The SUVs continued but the mustang turned around. I followed and did great.

We then got to another washed out road with a deeper stream and swift moving water. the Volvo and Mercedes went through fine. The CRV pulled over and let me pass. I went through without issue. I looked back the CRV got stuck. They ended up backing up and turning back. The rest of the way my 'Nox did great. When we came down a CHP officer had blocked the road. He seemed pissed to see me and he asked why I passed the sign. I told him that I didnt see it. He then asked how the roads are. I told him that they were ok for 4x4 vehicles but I wouldnt recommend passenger cars. He rolled his eyes and let me through. By this point they were manning the "road Closed" sign.

Overall I was impressed with how the 2wd 'Nox did. The clearance allowed me over some decent sized rocks and it kept traction in some tough spots.

I do not recommend this to just anyone. I have years of offroad experience as well as track driving. Do not drive through moving water unless you know the depth and your clearance.
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I had a chance to test my 2WD Nox a few weeks ago. It was a dirt road (sand in some parts, clay in others) leading to a deer lease, it was deeply rutted in some spots and there was shallow standing water for part of it. I was following a GMC Sierra Z71 4WD, a regular 2WD Toyota Tundra and a Nissan Pathfinder.....I had no more trouble than any of them with just 2WD and traction/stability control.
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