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08 Equinox-noise when turning steering wheel

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Hi I just bought an 08 Equinox Sport FWD.Noticed a weird noise when I turn the steering wheel.Its inside the vehicle only I think,kind of a squeaking wheeeeeee noise.Not very loud,can barely hear it but it is there...Other than that vehicle seems decent.Mileage is a bit high 95000 so I have GM warranty till 100000 plus I purchased 2 years extra.
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gar187er said:
does the steering wheel fight you?
Not at all
gar187er said:
might just be the electric steering motor whining....
I was told that vehicle had some sort of electric steering motor.Will check into it.Thanks....
You are right,mines a temperature thing it does it only in the summer months.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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