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I own a 2006 Equinox LT AWD,
I recently purchased a new stereo head unit from Walmart to replace the factory unit. I have been looking for a harness adapter to go into the factory harness so I can wire up the new unit, and have been unable to find one saying it is compatible with my vehicle at local auto shops.
I’ve registered my car on Amazon’s garage function to try and order a harness online. The only two I have found cost upwards of $80, which I’d prefer not to have to spend if it isn’t necessary. The reviews say that they retain the chime function on the doors and headlights and such. I would very much like to keep this function.
Has anyone used a cheaper harness adapter or stripped out the factory harness and made the connections from there?
I want to retain all of the function that exists in the vehicle right now. The unit I want to put in is from Walmart, the XVM279BT 7in Touchscreen. I can post a link if that’s allowed
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