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  1. SRX General Discussion
    I need help. I had to replace the chains in my VVT, all went well. Car started ran like a dream. Next morning, start up car sputters P0300. New plugs, new injectors, 6 new coils. car running rough at idle, unplugged coil 1 no change, unplug coil 2 still no change. Unplugged coils 3,4,5,6, idle...
  2. General Tech Section
    I've been upgrading the suspension on my 2010 SRX Lux to FE3 and FE4 parts and cannot get my old sway out. I've lowered my subframe and gotten the bar about halfway out and now it's stuck. Really stuck. Has anyone successfully performed this swap that can help me finally get my ride off of jack...
1-2 of 2 Results