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  1. General Tech Section
    I have a 2018 terrain. I’ve gone into the settings and turned on the feature for the heated seats to come on when using the remote start. The little green hash is on in the settings but it does not work! Any suggestions?
  2. Equinox General Discussion
    Hi everyone. I got covid so didn't start my car for a few weeks, and I think the battery died. Couldn't remote start it, wasn't getting flashing lights when i'd lock it with the fob, etc. I used an 8 Amp/2 Amp battery charger/maintainer to recharge the battery (according to that device) while...
  3. General Tech Section
    The lights on my (2018 GMC Terrain SL) AWD toggle switch won’t shut off when the car is completely shut off and it’s draining my battery. Anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions on how to fix it?
1-3 of 3 Results