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  1. Terrain General Discussion
    Has anyone with a 2022 Terrain SLT, equipped with heated seats, but chip not installed, had issues with the heat/air not working when using the remote start? My remote start works and will default on the defrosters, but will not turn on the heat or air. There are not any dash lights on and the...
  2. Interior & Electrical
    I have a 2018 terrain. When we use the remote start the heat doesn’t even come on? What’s the point then? Even if we had it on when the car was shut off previously. What’s the point of remote start of the climate control doesn’t come on? The heated seats also don’t come on even...
  3. General Tech Section
    I have a 2018 terrain. I’ve gone into the settings and turned on the feature for the heated seats to come on when using the remote start. The little green hash is on in the settings but it does not work! Any suggestions?
1-3 of 3 Results