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  1. New Member Section
    Hello I’m Shannon, new to this, I’ve had my terrain for a year now and all kinds of things are taking a dump. It’s a 2011 slt and I love it but I wish I had done some research on this car before getting it. Does anyone know what the best spark plug is that I should use and does anyone know why...
  2. General Tech Section
    I have a real bizarre problem. I was on vacation for a week and after my 2020 Terrain SLT was sitting in the garage for 5 days, I started it up and it souded like someone came up and hit the windshield. Just one big thump and that was it. Now every time I start the car there is immediately a...
  3. Exterior & Body
    Anyone know how to remove factory roof rails from a 2020 terrain? NOT THE CROSS BARS- I don’t see any screws to remove anything. Could it be under the headliner?
  4. Interior & Electrical
    I’m new here so please forgive the lack of intelligence. I’ll just be honest; I have zero vehicle knowledge. I just really want to have an idea of what’s going on so I don’t get unnecessarily taken advantage of financially by any mechanics. I have a 2012 GMC Terrain SLE with a factory stereo...
1-4 of 4 Results