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  1. General Tech Section
    Hey, so I'm trying to get this information for a friend. He has a 2017 GMC Terrain with stock tire size 235/55R18. Due to where he is, that size is not available. He wants to know whether he should go up to 235/60R18 or down to 235/50R18. I've done some googling and I can't find that much for...
  2. DIY & How-To Discussions
    Hi y'all! I've had my GMC Terrain Denali for a little bit over a year now with about 18k on it, first and only owner this car will have. I typically do all sorts of mods with my cars (lifts, spacers, ecu tunes, lights, radios, ect.) But I do plan on leaving this vehicle fairly stock for as...
  3. General Tech Section
    Hoping someone can help me out: Why on one side of the Terrain is the DRL only lighting up on the top and not all around that horseshoe shape like the other side? See photo for the issue. Any help is appreciated.
1-3 of 3 Results