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  1. 2019 Equinox AC drain line/evaporator drain

    Equinox General Discussion
    Can anyone show me a diagram or picture of where the drain hose would be, if it has one. I have the smelly ac and would like the check the drain but I can not find it anywhere or find online where it is. Thanks in advance
  2. 2012 Driver Seatbelt Buckle Cover

    Equinox General Discussion
    Hello! I drive a 2012 Equinox and recently had the cover on the driver side seat belt buckle crack and break. Does anyone know if I am able to buy a new cover for the buckle? If so, where might I be able to do so? I’ve included picture to better help see my issue. Thank you!
  3. Help Identifying Weird Equinox Bumper

    Equinox General Discussion
    Hey guys first time poster hoping someone can lay some knowledge on me. Is it just me or is this a weird bumper for a 2018 Equinox? It looks like the license plate mounting area is really wide like its for an EU plate. This car is listed for sale in Arizona and this is the one thing tripping me...
  4. 19 Equinox Premiere - AWD causing high ear ringing noise.

    Equinox General Discussion
    On my wife's 19Chevy Equinox, when were in AWD we hear a high pitch squealing when driving. When we turn it off, even while driving, it goes away. It will come back when turning AWD back on. Brought it to Chevy, they just called and said it's the wastegate of the turbo. I'm thinking dude...
  5. 2016 Equinox 2.4L - P0172 - Dieseling

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Thursday 6/4/20 my Equinox threw code P0172. started with the cheapest remedy and worked up. I have cleaned the mass air flow sensor and that did not remedy the issue. cleaned the throttle body and that didnt remedy the issue either. At this point it started dieseling. Ran a can of Seafoam...