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  1. Terrain General Discussion
    my oem hancook tires are toast right at 32k in my wife’s 2018 Denali Terrain. I went out a few days ago and got pirelli scorpion a/s tires and man they are loud on the highway. What is everyone else doing for 235/50/19 ?? I see some yokohama yk740 and some michelin primacy touring im still...
  2. Interior & Electrical
    After work, I started my Terrain and noticed the HVAC wasn’t turning on and up. I then had lights sporadically turning on and off. Brake, ABS, traction control, engine lights would blink along with a Stabillitrak, Tire Monitor, Blind Spot, or Backup Sensor DIC warnings (take your pick). Then...
  3. Audio, Video & Nav
    Hey all, Im a first I'm gmc terrain owner and was curious. Has anyone had an issue where the favorites on infotainment erased each time it start up? I have a separate issue where it tells me sirusxm radio has no signal, but I believe it'd an issue on sirusxm side. Thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results