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  1. Engine & Drivetrain
    172k miles. Vehicle went limp and I pulled codes for the fuel pressure regulater and evap. Unhooked a sensor to replace and check for wiring problems. Reconnected, cleared codes. Now only codes are misfire in cyl 6....should I prepare for spark plug or fuel injector replacement? These are the...
  2. Equinox General Discussion
    Hello everyone - Hope this is in the right place Thanks for creating this awesome forum and meeting the wonderful people here. I am looking to get a 2018 Chevy Equinox LT vehicle and I am looking to the community to check if there is anything I should be looking out for while doing my...
  3. Equinox General Discussion
    Hello, I will start this off by saying I am trying to connect aftermarket sensors to the OEM infotainment system as I already have the sensors plugged in with a different aftermarket system. Not to confuse anyone its working fine all I have to do is connect the already installed connections...
  4. Equinox General Discussion
    All, I just bought a used 2014 Equinox LS it looks like it has all the hands free equipment built in, but when I try to pair the phone and I push the menu button for the Phone Settings the on screen display says "Not Available". I just want to use it to make calls I don't care about listing to...
  5. Equinox General Discussion
    I purchased a 2019 Equinox in August and I’m currently curious if anyone has suggestions about it. I have plans to get a ceramic coating of course, but what has everyone else done with their own or negative things about this vehicle?
1-5 of 5 Results