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  1. Audio, Video & Nav
    I am having an issue with the radio not working at all. If I removed the radio fuse it comes back on and then locks the screen in what ever it was at. I have complete removed all radio related fuse and nothing seems to work. I have removed the radio and replugged everything to make sure it wasnt...
  2. Terrain General Discussion
    So I currently have my amp placed in my spare tire compartment but I tends to get somewhat hot any ideas where else I can place it I've tried under the front seats and there isn't enough room I was thinking of screwing it into the back seats.
  3. Audio, Video & Nav
    I am looking for the location of the rear speaker wires under the dash, under the seats, or behind the sill kick plates. I have the 2.4L with the base radio. I am looking to amplify the rear speakers that I have upgraded. I already know the colors which are Brown and Yellow for the drivers...
  4. Audio, Video & Nav
    I've seen a lot of good info on here so decided to finally join. I have a 2018 Terrain SLT Non-Bose system. I purchased 4 new speakers (JBL GX Series). 6"x9" in the front doors and 6.5" in the back doors. I already know the amp I will need has to provide 50-60 watts per channel but my question...
1-4 of 4 Results