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  1. Audio, Video & Nav
    Hi all, I just this week purchased a used 2015 GMC terrain SLE. My only complaint is that the infotainment system does not support android auto. I've been considering a head unit swap to aftermarket to add android Auto. Has anyone done this? What was it like afterward? Any problems pop up...
  2. Audio, Video & Nav
    Hey everyone. 2012 Nox, 4cyl, non-pioneer system. Yes, I have searched and searched the threads, and the reason for my post is because those were older threads. I found two different threads of how to run the RCA cables. One solution was to tap into the low level wires that go directly into the...
  3. Terrain General Discussion
    For those contemplating installing a hitch on your Terrain or Equinox I wanted to pass along my experience. I looked at several aftermarket brands that essentially bolted up with small pass through steel shims which the bolt slides through. To me, this seemed to be a weak spot. I say this as the...
1-3 of 3 Results