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  1. Terrain General Discussion
    I recently replaced the condenser on my terrain. For the first month or so the A/C worked great in the car. For the last 2 weeks or so this problem seems to be getting worse. The A/C will begin to cool when I am at idle but as I begin to accelerate the air begins to warm. When the car slows...
  2. Terrain General Discussion
    Hi guys. I have terrain 2014 3.6l. After the winter I realized that ac not giving cold air. It blows only warm. First of all I that that there is no refrigerant in the system but after I checked it with mechanic it was ok. When I turn on the ac led button in switch on, clutch with compressor...
  3. Interior & Electrical
    Everything now goes to floor, can't go through defrost or upper vents. Advice? Is this a stuck thing or ... ?
  4. Equinox General Discussion
    Hey guys, I've asked this question on Reddit's "ask mechanic's" page twice in the past month, but for some reason, no one will answer, so I'm hoping to have more luck here. As the title says, after I start my car with the a/c on, the a/c air flow and temperature will sometimes, not always...
1-4 of 4 Results