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Re: WATER in taillight and leaking through tailgate...

Originally Posted by ronw
My 13 Terrain Denali has considerable water condensation in both the main tail light housings as well as passenger outside housing. Dealer replaced one housing, has ordered other two. The new one is already getting condensation again. The dealer is clueless, asked me if I am parking the back end into a lake (they were joking) It rains alot here, but I have never had another vehicle do this. No other factors that can be attributed at this time.
Hi ronw,

Sorry that you have experienced water condensation in your Terrain. I'm glad that your dealership has been diligently working to resolve this issue for you. If you would like for us to document this issue within our system please feel free to contact us by private message. If there's anything we can do to assist with this situation let us know.

Amber N.
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