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Track your Equinox/Terrain/SRX order at camarotracking.com

Sticky please!

I am pleased to inform all that camarotracking.com now supports the tracking of all SRX/Equinox and Terrain orders. We will keep you informed about when and where your new CUV is in the production process. Many dealerships are already using our services to track customers cars and anyone reading this is welcome to do so as well.

Simply go to www.camarotracking.com and enter your production order number (usually a 6 digit alpha-numeric value that usually starts with the letter "M" or "N") in the tracking field and click on the "Track Now".

You will then be sent to the registration page where you will be asked to add your email address and/or customers email address. That's it! We'll do the rest by sending you updated information about the status or your car. We'll also send you videos of the GM designers and engineers who have worked on the your theta for more in-depth knowledge.

This is a free service for all GM customers and dealerships so we would appreciate it if this site does not consider us as spam. Feel free to ask any questions here.

Hylton Jorssen
camarotracking.com co-founder

Track your Equinox order at www.camarotracking.com - it's free!!!
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