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This engine, 1.5 turbo, has a 6 speed. The Terrain 1.5 turbo as well as all 2.0 turbos use the 9 speed. I don't believe I am "lugging" the engine. It is moving along well at 25 to 30 mph, but in the 1400 to 1600 rpm range the stuttering and jerking shows up. Pushing down on the gas will bring up the rpms higher, but then of course my speed increases and the local police are brutal where I live. Would like to add that I recently drive on a limited access road with limit of 50 mph. Tach was in the 14 to 16 range and car started the stuttering then, but definitely not as bad or pronounced as it is at low speeds. I appreciate any and all comments on this page. I am sure all of you know how it feels to be told by a new car dealer that it's ok "that is just normal". Thank you.
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