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Unhappy 2019 1.5 turbo FWD - Low speed jerking.

Have 2019 Equinox with 2000 miles. Have just noticed a very annoying issue. At an rpm range of 1400 to 1700 and generally at speeds of 20 to 35 mph, car begins to stutter, lurch and buck. Only way I can describe it. If I push rpm up slightly it will stop doing this. Can even be brought on by slowing down from higher speeds for a turn and the engine drops down thru these rpm ranges. Took it in to dealer who was able to recreate the symptom/issue. However, I was given the generic response to what they can not fix .... "that's normal". Not acceptable. This is very annoying when residing in and commuting in an area with 25 to 30 mph limits. Please help me find out if anyone else is having this issue. It just doesn't seem normal to me. It's driving me nuts. Had 2017 Terrain prior and had zero problems. Thanks.
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