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Weird squeak, chirp, or tick?

Good afternoon

I have an 05 Equinox LS 2WD 3.4 motor 180,000 miles. Just did head gasket on it as a preventative to it blowing out down the road. Wife drove to work for a week and now I have a weird sound coming from what I believe is the belt side of the motor. I have replaced the water pump, tensioner pulley, and all three idler pulleys to no avail! Just curious if anyone else has experienced this issue as well.

When I first start the car it's barely noticable, but as it warms up it gets increasingly louder to the point it almost sounds like tap in the motor, starting as a squeak or chirp? Wierd I know!
I do have one code showing on the car for the EGR circuit voltage low, but I don't believe this has anything to do with it as this code showed up almost instantly when I first restarted the car from the head gasket changeout.

Any and all help is appreciated.
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Quick update: just ran the car for a short minute with no belt. Squeak or tap continued. Sounds like may be coming from crankshaft bearing?!
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Does that thing have a Camshaft Synchronizer? On my Taurus, this part was well-known for being starved of oil, and over time it would develop an annoying dry-sounding squeak, indicating it needed to be replaced. On the Taurus, this part is the replacement for the old distributor, has a Camshaft Position Sensor sitting atop it, and reads the position of a half-moon vane to help time the engine.

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No camshaft sync that i'm aware of. I think a position sensor or such. On my update post i actually meant crankshaft seal or front main seal. Also looking into harmonic balancer possible wobbling. I have noticed with the belt on and running, if I look up from the underside of the car at the belt tracking across the idler pulley to the right of the crank it seems to have somewhat of a wave to it. Not a crazy amount, but enough to notice.

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NOX's are prone to have low oil pressure. You'll need to tap the oil pressure sensor line and put a gauge on it. To low means no fluid bearing for the crank/piston bearings, hence a squeak. It could be a seal (again, caused by low oil pressure.
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I have just finished changing out the main bearings, rod bearings, and timing gear and chain set with damper. Found a few broken pieces of the damper in the timing cover.
Was hoping that was my noise, notice I said "Hoping", fresh fluids and started it up, but the noise is still there!!??! I'm honestly kinda at a loss on what may be my issue.
All of the bearings were in good condition with normal wear as were the timing set other than the damper, but I was in so deep already so I decided to change it all out as a preventative maintenance. I believe my next step is to remove the lower intake again and check the lifters and cam lobes, but as I said I'm not sure I want/need to do that!
I did remove the valve covers to check for too much play or loose rocker arm or bent broken spring, nothing, all have the same slight wiggle to them and all springs and retainers look to be in good shape. Oil pressure is good as well, or at least what my live scanner is showing anyway! Car has plenty of power, no misfire, and running like a top, other than noise.

Any and all help with this matter is appreciated. Feel free to chime in with any suggestions questions or tips.
Thank in advance.
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Check the bearings on the serpentine belt tensioner. It could (slight possibility) be the AC clutch.

180k things gonna be worn out, yo.

So you took the motor out to change bearings? How did you know what bearings to put back? Did you just guess standard? Did you look at the piston rings/cylinders? I mean you took the motor out, you should have done a complete rebuild for the few $100 extra.

You had the heads off, did you check the valve guides? I would have spent the $50 to replace all the guides and lap the valve seats. You could have missed a broken spring, also.
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180k and worn out is right! I ran the engine without the serpentine belt attached, before changing bearings, and the noise was still there which eliminated any other belt driven component.

I didn't pull the motor for the bearing change, dropped oil pan and rolled them in, yes i chose the standard bearings due to original bearings still being in good shape no grooves or major wear. With the oil pan removed you can see majority of piston walls clearly which did not appear to be scarred or burnt. I know a lot of people will say need to remove motor to properly replace them, but I didn't. Car started just fine, ran up to temperature as normal, just still has noise!

I did replace the valve guides as well as remove valves and clean all seats. Heads were actually pretty clean considering guy i got it from said he changed the lower intake due to it blowing out. I expected more build-up or cooked on oil but nothing out of the ordinary.

I now have the lower intake removed again, I guess I'm getting better it only took me 2 hrs to remove it this time! LOL The lifters were the only thing I didn't check out while doing the head job, I did find the front far left lifter roller guide has been sticking. It has a flat spot rubbed in it as well as a few burred spots. I'm borrowing an inspection camera to check out the cam lobe it rides on to see if it trashed it or not.

Not sure if this is the cause of my noise but will replace the lifters for sure and cross fingers on cam lobe!!

I have found one video on youtube with a vehicle making the same exact noise as mine is, but someone told him of a service bulletin about piston noise so he just went with that and never tried to repair it. I can post a link to it for hearing purposes if needed. It's not same exact motor but it is a GM 3100 which is pretty similar. I can't post mine until I have it back together again.
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