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Thumbs up 2011 GMC terrain 2.4 SLT-1 LOVIN IT!!!

Originally Posted by islander View Post
snow--you have no idea how i have agonized over my decision to get this car. In early november, i was about a day away from laying down some serious $ for the ex35. Drove it 2-3 times and was in love with the comfort, power, technology, and yes, even the style. I had read a bit about the nox/terrain and decided to stop on the way home at the chevy dealer just to take a look. Fortunately, i got to see and drive a loaded nox and i knew that i needed to seriously consider these vehicles. My 09 bmw is the 2nd i've had in 3 years. Before that a caddy cts 3.6, before that 2 slk's, one 4 and then the new v-6. I've had porsches, mercedes, jags, and some very serious muscle cars in the 60's & 70's. My dad owned 4 napa stores and i grew up loving cars. I've driven 'em, raced 'em, pampered 'em, and even rebuilt a few in my 60 years. I probably never keep any car more than a couple years. This terrain will be my daily driver and the wife has a very short hop to work so she normally drives the bimmer. I am fortunate as life has been good to me. I could afford any of those cars i was looking at. I think time will tell me i made the right choice. In any event, i've got a great big back seat and cargo area i wouldn't get with the infinity.
this gmc terrian has the bigest back seat i ever sat in and im 6.5 267 lbs and no problems knees didnt even touch both drivers or passengers seat backs i tried both wow that just freaked me out ive been in vans with smaler seating i was going to buy the arcida i loved the green leather ever where even the dash but nope terrian won my cash just sent my py off very happy milage today 142,231 oil changes evry time od tell me so besides tuffys sticker lol but yup
only thing im not crazt about id the front brakes see i dont use the highways here in orlando fl
only if i have to really these are all city miles nd sh drives ike a lexus still even had a passenger bud i havent seen for years could stil smell the new eather new car smell and i dont use anthing to de oder my suv so thats was kool i guess when u in it every day almost u dont smell it anymore nice to know and what leather color scheme coco leather bottom seats top dark brown leather sweet conmbo who ever thought of that should get a raise

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