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Originally Posted by tom3 View Post
Good post. But really we do have a choice of any other vehicle too. When a car maker shoves stuff down our throats we usually send them a message with our next vehicle selection. I'm almost there.

agreed! for the first 12 years of my driving life i was a chrysler/ mitsubishi /jeep person... once the partnership with mitsubishi ended i feel like mitsubishi has gone down hill and since chrysler got bought by fiat i feel like chrysler/jeep / dodge has gone down hill, we have several rams at work ranging from 2010-14 and all of them but the 2010 have had endless electrical problems..iíve never been a ford person and i know several people who have major problems with the escape so thatís what drove me to but my first equinox in 2015 and i was totally satisfied with it... actually what drove me to gm was a cruze... had a 2013 for just over a year and loved it... but on to the 2018, comparing it to the 2015 it feels cheap and rides terrible. i love the infotainment system and all the other vehicle features but at 25k miles it rides like a vehicle with 100k miles thereís an odd shake/ vibration at different speeds that vacant seem to be figured out. overall i wish i could just get rid of it but the value of it is soo low that i canít afford to trade it in... 55-60% depreciation in less than 2 years and 25k miles is crazy. my 2015 was 3 years old and had over 60k miles on it when traded it in and i still got 50% of the original value on trade

the dealer said with all the stuff going on with gm closing plants and the new equinoxís being built pin mexico itís really hurting resale value

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